If you are a sky watcher than look to the West Michigan sky this weekend because you may get a look at Aurora.

According to WOOD, if you are wondering what Aurora is, well it is a geomagnetic storm and it will be hitting earth this weekend and some of West Michigan will get a chance to witness this amazing spectacle in the sky.

Northern lights based on a KP Index scale and you need an index of 4 or more to seem them in northern Michigan. When the index is 6 or higher the northern lights can be viewed as far south as Grand Rapids.

The best viewing should be on March 23rd from 11 a.m. to midnight and obviously when its dark out your chances are much better at catching the storm.

If the KP index gets over 6 this weekend we may get to witness aurora borealis.

Basically, look up in the sky Saturday night and you may see the northern lights.

Now if you really want the best view, the further you drive north the better the show will be especially if you stay away from the larger cities which make the sky lighter. You want it as dark as possible to get the full effect.

With a clear sky Friday and Saturday night, we should all be in for a treat.


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