School safety has changed drastically over the years and its up to schools to stay on top of this ever changing society. That is exactly what West Michigan schools are trying to do.

According to WOOD TV, Kenowa Hills Public Schools and Lowell Public Schools have received a $2,000,000 grant to help better school security.

Lowell Public Schools have upgraded security camera's plus added shatterproof glass to the entrances. The new security system allows the school resource officer or the superintendent to access the system anywhere in the district instantly to asses a situation.

Lowell also uses Kent County Sheriff Deputy Tim Summerhays to patrol the schools but he spends most of his time at the high school.

Kenowa Hill has also upgraded the security camera system and implemented new emergency plans to make the school much more secure.

Kent County Sheriff's Deputy Tim Erhardt  has been teaching kids R.H.F (pronounced RIFF) drills where students and teachers are trained to Run, Hide, Fight.

Run drills are ran to find out how quickly classrooms can be emptied. Where hiding and fighting shows students to use whatever a student can use as a weapon to defend itself against an intruder.

Erhardt has also created a new program for younger students that teaches them how to climb out of a window. This technique helps give the students confidence in case of an emergency from an intruder or a fire.

20 school districts in Kent County have Sheriff's deputies that are assigned as resource officers. Kenowa Hills even has Walker Police officers that will visit every school in the district every day.

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