I'm sure we've all been to a funeral where all anyone did was say wonderful, nice things about the deceased and you were secretly thinking, "Well... he could be kind of a tool sometimes..." Well, we all can!

An obituary for a Holland man who recently passed away is refreshingly honest in this way and will make you chuckle. 

M-Live reports that 24-year-old Dennis Saycocie passed away Feb. 21 after a two year battle with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Saycocie was diagnosed with cancer in February 2014; he underwent two years of chemotherapy and a leg amputation. His friends wanted to honor him in and honest, but funny way, true to Saycocie's personality.

Saycocie's girlfriend, Natalie Vander Ark, asked friend Russ Roozeboom to write his obituary.

Of the unusual tribute, Roozenboom told M-Live:

"We wanted something funny and we didn't want people to forget what a great guy he was. We were shooting for something that put his life in a nutshell."

Here's the full obituary that appeared online at Lakeshore Memorial Services and in the Holland Sentinel:

Dennis Saycocie was born June 8, 1991 in Wichita, KS, and had the nerve to leave the rest of us on February 21, 2016 in Grand Rapids, MI due to being too awesome to stick around this plane of existence. Also cancer. Left behind are parents Manolay and Daovy Saycocie, the love of his life Natalie Vander Ark, a couple of fried motherboards, a modified-to-hell car, and the rest of us sorry saps who had the pleasure of knowing, and therefore loving, him. Dennis brought joy to everyone he met-once you got to know him. His work at Jimmy John's focused on the "freaky" part of "freaky fast," and his work at ZBx Technology focused on the "simplifying" part of "simplifying technology." Dennis was the kind of guy who could man a help desk and talk down the most inept of users with patience, turn around and destroy you in Super Smash Bros, then do burnouts in the parking lot with that POS car that he "tuned." Some people have a way of knowing the perfect, most encouraging things to say. Dennis was not one of those people, and his willingness to share his thoughts wasn't always immediately appreciated. Life tried to kick him down, but Dennis kicked it back so hard his leg fell off. Whatever the circumstances, Dennis managed to stay the same sarcastic jerk everyone knew and loved."

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