Despite the pandemic, the West Michigan job market looks to be pretty hot right now. The number of job postings or ads placed in the month of January of this year, is higher than it's ever been since January of 2018.

West Michigan's unemployment rate is about 4%, while the rest of the state was at 7.5%. Angie Barksdale, the chief operating officer of West Michigan Works! told WZZM TV that it's not just manufacturing jobs that are available. Barksdale said health care jobs, construction, and food production also have open positions. Retail and restaurants, are also starting to hire once again. Many former employees have moved on and now that these locations are re-opening, they need people.

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Barksdale recommended for those seeking new employment to search on job boards. She also suggested updating your resume and practicing virtual interviews as many will be done via Zoom.

Barksdale said of West Michigan,

"We're still sitting relatively in a good place compared to the state as well as the rest of the country. Almost every industry you can think of is hiring."

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Cascade Engineering is hiring about 30 entry-level positions. The company produces large-part plastic injection molding, including trash carts. They are hosting a job fair on March 6. It takes place at the Linc Up building at 1167 Madison Avenue SE in Grand Rapids from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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