Almost 50,000 West Michigan children have trouble getting food once school closes for the summer.

According to WZZM, Kids' Food Basket have been leading the fight against hunger for children in West Michigan for over a decade.

Executive director, Bridget Clark Whitney told WZZM that grocery costs for families rise $300 per month or more in the summer months, which can be a strain on family's budgets. Often, that means that families have to choose between buying food and paying utilities or for medical care.

There is a group that provides school kids with meals to take home but once school is out, what are the kids who need the program going to do?

Luckily, Kids Food Basket doesn't take the summer off. However, there are barriers to getting the food to children who need it like transportation, distance, and extreme weather.

If you would like to help these kids through the summer months, please contact the non-profit at 616.235.4532 or by clicking here.


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