A man in Easton Township, Michigan, robbed a store over the weekend and stabbed the clerk with a katana sword.

A katana is a sword designed by the Japanese. The katana is curved with a single edge blade with a circular or squared guard and a long grip to accommodate two hands. The sword was designed for close combat battles used by samurai.

There are many people in Michigan who own a katana but usually hang them on their walls for looks and are not meant to harm anyone. Although western historians have stated that these are among the finest cutting weapons in world military history.

According to FOX 17, a 36-year-old man used a katana to commit Armed Robbery and in the process wound up stabbing and giving a 56-year-old store employee critical injuries to his head and neck.

In a report from the Ionia County Sheriff's Office, deputies say the alleged assailant dressed in all black, walked into a store that was located at the 700 block of W. Lincoln Avenue with the katana sword. Then tried to use a rope to tie the door shut so no one from the outside could enter the store.

A store clerk that was near the suspect with the katana asked the man with the sword, what is going on. The man responded by stabbing the clerk with the sword.

The katana blade is just under two feet long which would go right through almost any human. The robber applied critical injuries to the store clerk who is in series condition at Spectrum Health in Butterworth.

Law enforcement were able to locate the robber who had stolen cigarettes and money out of the cash register. Officers located the suspect in a farm field just off of Haynor Road, confronted him, then took him into custody. He is currently being held at the Ionia County jail.

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