This is such a sweet story.

As we all adjust to life during social distancing, it's important to connect with friends and family members, because being social is a part of being human.  That becomes a bit tougher for the elderly, who aren't as technically savvy as younger people, so the trick becomes how to socially interact with a high-risk age group, safely.

A West Michigan family has figured out a way to interact, while social distancing. Pam Boerman-Gregorski, of Byron Center, posted on Facebook that her mom passed away a few years ago, so her dad is currently practicing social distancing alone, so the family wanted to figure out a way to boost his spirits and let him know that in this bizarre time, his family is still thinking about him.

Friday night the family surprised him with a drive-by visit, complete with signs, babies waving and a few care packages of candy - which I hope they sanitized before giving to him, and after (the germaphobe in me is on high).  As you can see in the video, at first he wasn't sure why he was just sitting at the end of the driveway, but when it was all said and over, I'm pretty sure he was misty-eyed.

The video already has over 3,000 reactions and has been shared over 9,000 times. So glad Pam shared this cool moment.  It's obviously been appreciated by more than just your dad.

Stay strong.  We're all in this together!

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