I have heard of car and truck recalls, even the occasional food recall, but this weed recall is the first of its kind that I have heard of.

I guess anything can get recalled if you don't follow the right procedures in making your product. I get factory screw ups and the occasional food recall but didn't see the weed recall coming.

According to WOOD, the state of Michigan has issued a recall on certain medical marijuana products that have been sold in Grand Rapids and in Battle Creek. Apparently they test the weed (which I didn't know) and there are a few strains that failed safety testing.

I wonder how they test marijuana, do they smoke it, eat it or take it to a lab? I know absolutely nothing about the industry so I'm just curious to see how it works.

Well, I found out that there is an agency that does test marijuana products for the state called the Marijuana Regulatory Agency. There are apparently tests that are taken for medical grade marijuana that look for yeast and mold levels. What is weird is that weed can fail that test for medical grade weed but at the same time be ok for recreational use.

Is that safe to have different levels of safety for medical marijuana vs recreational? It seems if it's not safe for one it wouldn't safe for the other.

Either way here are the strains and dates to look out for the weed that is being recalled in Grand Rapids: If you bought any Purple Diesel with a package number of 1A40501000030710000001371 from 3Fifteen on S. Division between August 31 and September 13, you better take those buds back in.

If you bought some buds at Common Creek on E. Columbia in Battle Creek, here is a list of buds you need to return:

  • Colin OG Dry Flower with package number 1A40501000006EF1000001806 and you bought it between September 7 and September 14.
  • Gelato Dry Flower with package number 1A4050100006EF1000001785 and you bought it between September 1 and September 13.
  • J1 Dry Flower with package number 1A4050100006EF1000001785 and you purchased it between September 1 and September 13.
  • Peanut Butter Dry Flower package number 1A4050100006EF1000001557 if you scored it between July 1 and September 3.
  • And finally Swamp Gas Dry Flower package number 1A4050100006EF1000001817 and you picked it up between September 6 and September 14.

If you have any of these, they ask that you return them back to the store you purchased them from so they can be destroyed. If you have felt any sickness from using the products you are urged to see your doctor.

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