There's a big snowstorm scheduled for tomorrow here in Michigan. Haha, written like that, it sounds like something people have planned out over lunch meetings, "Let's have a big snow storm on Wednesday!" But however it comes about, this thing is coming for tomorrow evening here in GR.

There is predicted wet snow for tomorrow morning, but for our area, it looks like the bulk of the snowfall should be coming beginning in the evening, through to Thursday morning.

Take this as your excuse to order a pizza for the family, get out of work early, and watch Netflix with the family, while the snow buries everything in Grand Rapids under several inches of snow. Driving around Wednesday evening will be risky and could be dangerous with all the snow and freezing temperatures.

Schedule your Wednesday afternoon now, so you can leave work early, and not have to drive in the crappy-crap with those idiots who think they can have both snow and traction.

Just an idea.

For more on the whole Wednesday snow timeline, check it out here.