Firefighters in a city name Wayland about 800 miles away helped to save the life of a boy here in Wayland, Michigan. 

MLive reports that on Saturday, Feb. 24, around 10:30p.m. a frantic mom from Wayland, Michigan sent a Facebook message asking for help because her son was choking.

In her haste, she thought she was contacting contacting emergency staff in the Allegan County city, when really she had contacted the Wayland, (Massachusetts) Firefighters, Local 1978. The woman noted she did not have access to a phone.

While the page isn't regularly monitored, luckily a member of the crew in Massachusetts saw the message, the Associated Press reports.

He was able to look up her address, and called the Wayland, Michigan department, who sent an ambulance. The Mass. Firefighters were able to give pre-arrival instructions to the woman through Facebook until help arrived.

According to a tweet from the Wayland, Massachusetts Fire Department, the 16-year-old boy survived.

They do remind everyone, however, that Facebook should not be used in the event of an emergency, and one should always call 911 or a local emergency number.

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