We can't think of a more fun way to raise food and awareness for a food bank and the hungry in Berrien County than what happened at South Elementary in Watervliet. The school did a domino run with donated cereal boxes.

The rally started in the kindergarten classroom and raced through the entire length of the school with teachers and students cheering it on along the way.

The school reports

600+ boxes of donated cereal dominos makes for a pretty impressive run! Local food pantries will receive the boxes of cereal following this activity.

It took about 90 seconds for the 600 boxes to topple.

The video has picked up news coverage from around the region including this from WNDU-TV:


Inspired by a fundraiser at a Paw Paw school, (Kindergarten Teacher Angela) Schmidt shared the idea with her colleagues, and the initiative quickly gained traction. In just a little over a week, students brought in 665 boxes of cereal. Brian Hall, pastor of Watervliet Free Methodist Church, thought the church pantry was receiving a few boxes of cereal when the school informed them they had donations.

“We had no concept, no idea how much cereal they were bringing,” said Hall.

What's true about dominos is that there is no upper age limit. Even though the event was a trill for the kids in their classrooms, the video has captured the attention of those who haven't seen the inside of an elementary school in decades as evidenced by the comments to the video:

I’m 49 and I thought that was cool I bet the little ones loved it

I’m 75 and it’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen for a long time!

I'm 59 and just watched this. Wow i a kid again.AWSOME!!


What I love even more than the domino effect of the boxes was all the innocence of the children yelling and the sound of their joy and excitement. This has been a crazy year so to hear them having so much fun with something so simple is priceless

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