Clyde Park Avenue in Wyoming has a boil water advisory in effect as a precaution due to a another water main break.

According to WOOD TV, the boil water advisory affects around 45 customers but people in the Clyde Park area should boil their tap water for at least a minute before anytime of use.

The water will be tested for its safety and will be announced to the public on Thursday or Friday. Anytime there is a severe drop in water pressure, bacteria can grow and get into the water.

Crews are working on the break so Clyde Park Avenue will stay closed north of 28th Street until the water main is fixed.

This is the second recent water main break for Wyoming. Back on July and May of this year water main breaks have caused damage. Previous water boil advisories had been put in place.

If you live in the area or know anyone who does and have questions, contact the Wyoming Laboratory Manager Jaime Fleming at 616.261.3572.


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