The Black Keys and Cage the Elephant rocked Grand Rapids last night at the Van Andel arena, in front of thousands of cheering people!  Thanks to all of you who came out and rocked with WGRD at the show!

The Black Keys hit the stage with a bigger show than I really expected, and they put on a fantastic performance!  They played a lot of songs, covering a lot of ground, and hitting a lot of older songs, that seemed to make all the die hard Black Keys fans happy.

There was a lot of dancing in the crowd, and everyone was singing along with the songs.

The stage was big, with cool video screens not only on the side, but along the back of the stage, that would move and change position, as well as showing different things across them.  The lighting trusses moved around, giving different vibes for each of the songs in the set, as the band kept things moving, not wasting much time in between songs.

If you haven't seen The Black Keys live yet, get a ticket and go see them, it's worth it!

"Money Maker"

"Bullet in the Brain"

"Leaving Trunk"

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