It is sad that during a pandemic the internet thieves are just as active as ever and one is now claiming to be the Michigan State Firemen's Association but its a scam.

According to WOOD, beware of the COVID-19 email scam that looks like it was sent from the actual Michigan State Firemen's Association.

Courtesy of Michigan State Firemen's Association
Courtesy of Michigan State Firemen's Association

You may have seen this email on Sunday, but it was made to appear to be sent from the Michigan State Firemen's Association president, Michael McLeieer. In the letter is was asking consumers to purchase gift cars that would be used for preventative items for people who have been affected by the coronavirus.

The MSFA says do not under any circumstance purchase any of the gift cards or respond to the email. The organization is not requesting anyone send any money for COVID-19 or any other program.

The email is coming from someone in Denmark. This source has been sending scams like this all across the nation and now have done so trying to represent the MSFA.

If you have gotten the email or have any questions regarding this scam you can reach out to MSFA President Michael McLeieer by phone at 269-492-3340 or via email at

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