Alert security crews shut down a show when the floor began shaking from enthusiastic concert-goers jumping up and down.

A concert featuring Las Vegas hip hop act Baby Keem was shut down Wednesday when the floor began shaking.

FOX 2 News reports that the show was stopped after about an hour when security crews stationed in the basement of the legendary Saint Andrew's Hall in Detroit's Bricktown neighborhood noticed the floor starting to buckle.

This video, which has since gone viral, shows the floor moving dramatically as the crowd began bouncing to the beat.


Concerned for the patrons' safety, the security team immediately stopped the show, which did not go over well, as you can imagine. Cooler heads prevailed and the venue was safely evacuated before anything serious happened.

Saint Andrew's Hall was built in 1907 by the St. Andrew's Scottish Society of Detroit as their meeting room for their benevolent efforts and is currently owned operated by LiveNation.

In addition to the main floor concert space which is standing room only, the Hall also has an additional event space called The Shelter in the basement, which was unoccupied at the time of Wednesday's incident. It also hosts a third-floor event space called, The Society Room.

Beginning in the '70s, the Hall began booking concerts as a way of making extra money for the Society, by 1980 it became Detroit's premiere underground venue for alternative, house music, and hip hop acts.

It is perhaps best known for being the home of the rap battles that springboarded Eminem to fame in the early '90s.

Having room for around 1000 spectators, the small venue became the place that many now huge musical artists got their first taste of the Detroit music scene, hosting the first big shows of not only Eminem, but Adele, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the White Stripes among others.

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