Metallica rocked the hell out of a packed record store on Saturday evening, and streamed it online. If you missed it, you missed an hour of songs taken from Kill 'Em All and Ride The Lightning, and an impromptu jam of "Helpless" at the beginning. It wasn't on the setlist, but the guys jammed their way through it anyway, for fun.

The guys were obviously having a good time on a tiny stage, the likes of which they haven't played much in the last twenty years. The store was overpacked, and there were even crazies lined up outside, just trying to look through the windows at the guys cranked up inside.

Thanks to the band for streaming the show, since they could only fit so many peeps into the store. They've been really cool about giving the fans a lot of free stuff, like this show and the "Too Heavy For Halftime" show before the Super Bowl.

James actually sounds really good, even with the high pitch of the vocals on the old songs...they're quite a bit higher than he sings nowadays, but the whole band kicked ass for the show.

This was a great showcase for the remasters of the first two albums being re-released, and a cool show to see, and a great show to celebrate Record Store Day.

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