To see serious men and women in suits try hard not to jam out to the 2002 classic is funny enough, but why they are listening to it is not funny at all.

Detroit's Eminem (Marshall Mathers) is suing the National Party of New Zealand for directly ripping off the main music from his smash hit 'Lose Yourself' (which I listen to often before I work out, and you should, too) for use in a political ad.

First, the court listens to the original, during which it seems at least two people are fighting the urge to sing along. Then (at about 1:55) they play the National Party version, which seems awful close to the original. See what you think.

I love the little rap included by poster Asteroid/Earth with the video:

The prosecution's steady
Defense looks kind of sweaty
There's a caterer here for lunch, and it's ready
Mum's spaghetti

Earlier in the trial, Eminem collaborator and the song's co-writerJames Bass played the guitar part for the judge.

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