If you have lived in Michigan any length of time you know its gonna snow and you know its gonna get cold. With that you may want to think warm thoughts and give yourself something to look forward to while you're dealing with this polar vortex.

Snow sucks, the cold sucks but there are a lot of great things to do in West Michigan when it warms up. So until then, take this frigid time to plan all the warm things you would like to do. Below are list of suggestions:

The Lake Michigan coastline and beaches. Yes right now there are giant ice balls floating up against those beaches and parks but in just a few months they will be destinations of fun. From swimming, boating, hiking, walking, jogging...you name it its endless.

If Lake Michigan is not your thing, there are so many parks to visit plus all the area national forests to hike in. Maybe plan a fun camping trip. Its a whole easier to drive north when the roads are not icy or snow covered.

There are so many fun places in the region to canoe, kayak, or go tubing. You may want to reserve a group party now and get your date locked in before anyone else. You may want to grab a fishing pole because there are some great places to fish and this area offers just about every species this state has to offer.

If you are looking to relax and try something new, maybe spend some of these cold months researching fly fishing. Its a great way to walk down a river and enjoy mother nature and fill that frying pan with some delicious trout.

There are tons of great biking trails as well right near Grand Rapids and as far as you want to travel north. Not to mention, most of those snowmobile trails turn into ATV and side by side trails once the big thaw happens in the spring.

I know is miserable right now, but there is so much more to look forward to. So stay warm and start planning now for the big thaw.

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