With so much talk about the Guns N Roses reunion shows this year, and who's involved, who's not, this cool video got made. Rabea and Matt from a British music store called Andertons have put together ideas on how to sound like Slash and Izzy Stradlin on the cheap.

So don't worry, there's no $5,000 Les Paul to buy, no $2,500 Marshall or Fender amp to invest in. They set themselves a budget limit of 1,500 Pounds Sterling for everything.

This ends up getting them a nice Epiphone Les Paul, a Marshall combo, an Epiphone semi-hollow, Blackstar amp, and a few pedals to get sounds that are super close to early-era Guns N Roses tones.

Watch them wander the store and explain their choices, and then see them play some songs so you can hear how close the sounds are to the originals. Great video!

Unfortunately, we have discovered that Izzy isn't involved in the reunion, but you can still get his tones here.

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