Walmart is the latest retailer to put restrictions in place to encourage social distancing and slow the spread of COVID-19, WLUC reports.

Starting Saturday, April 4, Walmart will limit the number of customers who can be in a store at once.They are allowing no more than five customers for each 1,000 square feet at a given time, so roughly 20 percent of a store’s capacity.

The company said in a release,

While many of our customers have been following the advice of the medical community regarding social distancing and safety, we have been concerned to still see some behaviors in our stores that put undue risk on our people. We want to encourage customers to bring the fewest number of people per family necessary to shop, allow for space with other customers while shopping, and practice social distancing while waiting in lines."

Walmart employees will direct customers to an entrance and admit them one-by-one, counting to ensure the number of people in the store is limited. Guests in line are encouraged to practice social distancing.

Once a store reaches capacity, customers will be admitted in on a “1-out-1-in” basis.

To avoid customers coming in contact with one another while inside, Walmart is instituting one-way movement through their aisles, using floor markers and direction from employees.

When exiting, customers will be directed to a different door than which they entered, to  limit close contact with others.

Walmart says the previously measures they have taken during the coronavirus pandemic include closing stores overnight for cleaning and restocking, installing sneeze guards, instituting temperature checks for employees, and providing gloves and masks to employees who want them.

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