Hey Mr. Ranger Sir...we seem to have a black bear hanging around Alpine Avenue.

According to WOOD, a small black bear was spotted on Alpine Avenue in Walker near 96 behind the Ulta near a dumpster Wednesday night. Not sure if the bear was just looking for a little cover up or not.

Someone spotted the bear by the dumpster and captured some video you can check out here.

Kent County authorities have suspended their search for the black bear since they are pretty elusive. Black bears do their best at trying to avoid people and perhaps there are a few more bears in the area than what people really know.

I myself have spotted tracks and scat from black bears in a wooded area behind some apartments located in Walker.

Bears can look friendly but they are not so if you do spot one in the city, do not approach the bear but make sure and contact local authorities and your local Department of Natural Resources so the animal can be moved somewhere safe.

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