If you don't agree with a politician, it's really very simple, next election don't vote for them, vote for someone else. Anything else makes America a third world nation.

I wasn't shocked that there are people all amped and willing to try and go against our government, especially with all the lies and rhetoric we have all had to hear for almost four years straight. But, I am shocked that people held meetings right here in Grand Rapids to kidnap and try and kill Governor Gretchen Witmer along with killing members of the Michigan State Police.

Adam Fox is among six men who are facing federal charges in the alleged plot. Seven more men have been charged at a state level.

I'm blown away these guys thought this was ok. Did they really think the Michigan government wouldn't unleash the Michigan National Guard on them. Normally any branch of the United States military would not be policing America but in the case of homegrown terrorist threat, that could all change.

I have been saying for years that white supremacists groups are a much bigger threat to Michigan as well as all of the United States. I get its a free country where people can say what they want and believe what they want but as soon as you put supremacists thoughts into action, that is when you are breaking the law.

Even if this group of militia members were to have actually pulled this plan off, you don't think the government would have wiped them out, think again.

This is America for God's sake, people shouldn't have to live in fear but when politicians do nothing but falsely promote fear it really riles up a certain part of the population.

No one is going to defund the police, no one is going to take your guns, no one is going to take your doctor, no one is going to close hospitals, no one agrees with people who are breaking the law. It is really that simple.

The problem is a portion of our government wants to invoke fear into Americans because they have no plan to really actually help Americans because they only care about themselves and big business.

I am glad the members of this particular militia group have been captured and I sure hope the U.S. Government agencies take a closer look at the rest of these groups across the country and take action if necessary.

I wish people would take more of a stand on insurance companies and healthcare instead of being afraid of losing their guns but even then, violence is not the answer.

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