Has the pandemic been keeping you down and from friends and family? The way to turn that frown upside down is by paying those close to you a visit.

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I recently made a little road trip to see three of my friends in Indiana and some family in Michigan. Since I retired from playing in a band I seem to get a few weekends when I don't have my son that is allowing me to socialize again.

My job eats most of my time up and what I have left I spend with my son. Those two things alone along with performing every other weekend throughout the year didn't leave me anytime to socialize and this was the reason I had to walk away from performing.

I am so lucky to have a lot of really good friends and family members who have been understanding of my busy schedule working in the entertainment business all these years. At the same time, I have felt guilty for years for not spending more time with all of them.

What I didn't realize was how I felt when I came back to work on Monday after visiting friends and family. I felt amazing and that's because I was able to talk with friends and family and get a lot of laughs but I had no idea that I really needed that.

How Can You Reduce Stress?

I did a little research and learned from the folks in the medical world that visiting friends and family can help you with stress. Just talking with others about problems or sharing great memories can get some of that bad stuff off your chest while helping you escape for a moment laughing about some of the old days.

How Can You Add A Few Years To Your Life?

If you are an older adult you may need to take a break from your bubble and visit some of those closest to you. This can help with your memory and lower some of the stress life can bring. Lowering stress levels and keeping the mind working can add a few years to your life.

How Can You Improve Your Psychological Well-being?

Visiting with friends and family and giving your mind a break lead you to a greater sense of meaning in life and remind you of your stronger sense of purpose. Many people hold good things and bad things inside, but by talking with friends and family a burden can be lifted that can free your mind and keep things from building up inside that could actually lead to health problems.

Are There Benefits From Friends and Family?

Good friends and close family members can be so good for your health. Talking about the good times and bringing new laughs and new memories. It can keep you from feeling isolated and from feeling lonely. Getting that companionship from family and friends can really improve your self-worth but also help you cope with some of the bad things in life like divorce, job loss, death, illness, and more.

I guess my point is, sometimes it is good for you to take a break and go visit those friends and family that you know you laugh the most with. You will feel good and it will keep you healthy and those you visit will get those same benefits.

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