If you want to get up close to some bears, Michigan has the largest bear-only ranch in the United States located in the Upper Peninsula.

I have only seen bears at the zoo or when bear hunting in Canada and the U.P. but nonetheless, each time it's exciting.

I live in Newaygo County and there are some black bears there. Every day on my way to and from work I always keep an eye out for one but have yet to see one. Every neighbor around me has a bear story but none have crossed my path...yet.

If you would like to see a bear and even get a photo with a bear cub, according to MLive, there is a place called Oswald's Bear Ranch in Newberry.

The ranch is a 240-acre bear rescue that has 38 bears currently living on the property. The ranch has been taking in rescued bears since 1997.

Oswald's Bear Ranch takes in rescued bears from all over the country. Bears have come from as far as Wyoming to Wisconsin.

Since it is illegal to breed bears in captivity, the males and females are separated into two sections on the ranch. What is really cool is that there are no cages, these are free roaming bears that live in a natural setting minus the visitors who stop by to toss a few apples over the fence.

The folks at the ranch built some houses for the bears to hibernate, but they usually just dig their own hole underneath the houses. So keep in mind, if you plan on stopping by, spring through summer is the best time to visit.

In today's world of staying close to home for a vacation, if you plan a trip to the U.P. for some camping, hiking or whatever, you may want to put Oswald's Bear Ranch as one of your stops.

Just click the link here for all the details on the ranch.

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