I thought when you went to the hospital it was to get helped, but there are some who are causing problems of violence in Michigan hospitals.

I find it strange that someone would want to harm a nurse or a doctor who is trying to help them when they are in the hospital but there is a violent trend that is on the rise in Michigan.

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With all that COVID-19 has already done to hospitals all across Michigan, that last thing that needs to happen is an unruly patient and hospitals will not tolerate it.

According to FOX 17, healthcare providers say they're being berated, harassed, and in some cases physically attacked by patients or their loved ones. It's a problem that pre-dated the COVID-19 pandemic and seems to be getting worse. 

The president of the Michigan Nurses Association Jamie Brown said she was once threatened by a patient who wanted to stab her and others with a knife. That is not what nurses or doctors signed up for.

In Kalamazoo a hospital recently, a worker had their wrist broken when a patient got violent and broke some window in the emergency room.

The Michigan Health and Hospital Association has collected data showing that the amount of violent incidents is alarming.

Hospitals are working on better ways to report and handle these types of incidents but are looking to the Michigan Senate and House to put a bill together that would require hospitals to create a workplace violence prevention plan. Also, developed training for employees on de-escalating violent incidents and how to report problems when they occur.

We as citizens must do a better job of controlling our emotions when others are trying to help us while in a hospital.

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