Linkin Park unveiled their latest music video earlier this week.  The clip is for "Burning in the Skies", the latest single from their concept album, A Thousand Suns.

The Agoura Hills, CA band has been churning out quite the ethereal videos lately, and "Burning in the Skies" is no exception.  You can watch the end-of-the-world vid below.

It starts off with shots of different groups of people, including teenagers partying, a depressed girl in the bathroom, a little boy playing by himself, a student studying, and face shots of an old Asian man.  By the way, I hope that's not my future.  He looks really depressed.

There are also scenes of a young teenage couple about to share their first kiss in the dude's car.  Just as they're about to smooch, an explosion of white light appears and everyone goes into slow-motion mode.  The theme of the video reminds me of Donnie Darko.  It even includes creepy animal masks.

What do you think?  Bring out the Roger Ebert in you and comment below.

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