If you are still receiving unemployment benefits in the state of Michigan, $300 of the $600 you lost is coming back.

According to WOOD, the state of Michigan has approved an additional $300 to unemployment benefits for nearly a million unemployed residents.

When the pandemic caused millions across the country and right here in Michigan to lose their jobs, I was very concerned what would happen to communities if people we not able to make ends meet. Then the federal government gave an additional $600 in unemployment benefits to people and that saved many families.

When those benefits ended in July, I was concerned again for Michigan families. $362 a week is not enough to sustain an individual let alone an entire family. This additional $300 will surely help.

This $300 increase, like the most recent $600, is only a temporary fix.

It is still unclear when families will start receiving the new benefit but it looks like it will only last about five or six weeks and if something doesn't change, this will be when we will really see the damage this pandemic has done to our state's economy.

It's hard to get people back to work when many of the jobs lost are now permanent. Hopefully with some of the new demands the pandemic has brought, new industry will follow and soon get people back to work with new opportunities.

I sure would like to see solar and wind technology take off stronger and maybe Michigan could be the state to build those items to sell to the rest of the country and the world. It could bring to Michigan what the auto industry once brought and continues to bring to the state.

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