There's no doubt there's something in the skies over Dearborn, Michigan just east of Detroit Metro Airport. The video, shared both on TikTok and Facebook, shows objects in the air along with an airplane that appears to be descending into Detroit Metro Airport.

The video is 3 minutes long as shows the object moving around the sky and coming into and out of view. At the 1 minute mark of the video the airplane comes into view heading westbound and down, in the direction of a plane that would be landing at DTW. The Hampton Inn gives a landmark placing this video in Dearborn along Michigan Avenue.

Check out the video, recorded on Saturday, September 25, and then let's chat some more.


@alenbeydounUFO SPOTTED OVER DETROIT/DEARBORN ##MyParanormal ##UFO ##Detroit ##Dearborn ##UFOSpotted ##Aliens ##Craft #UnIdentifiedFlyingObject ##Viral ##Fyp ##TheyExist♬ original sound - Alen Beydoun

So there certainly is something in the sky, or a couple of somethings. Here are some of the thoughts of members of the group Michigan UFO Sightings and Paranormal Encounters Podcast on Facebook as well as the OP:

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I feel like it's nothing I've ever seen before on any unidentified flying object any posted before I'm still trying to figure out what this could be and I may never know

seen some mighty strange things myself over the years, but that is some awesome video.

It's strange that is for sure. It's so hard to tell but _maybe_ someone was messing around with a drone. It's unidentified, it's flying, it's some kind of object - it's a UFO. Keep an eye out for it to happen again to see if we can rule out birds, plastic bags, etc.

I see them all the time. Last night I counted 12 of them.

This is certainly intriguing. More intriguing that there's been no mention of this incident by the Detroit media nor any reports of this object clearly in airspace and flight paths towards the state's most trafficked airport.

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