Just after the UAW settles strike, a high ranking official is charged with conspiring to swipe $1.5 million for union workers.

According to WOOD, prosecutors in Detroit have charged Missouri UAW president Edward N. Robinson of felony embezzlement and fraud charges.

Six other UAW officials along with Robinson have allegedly been conspiring since 2010 through a variety of schemes to take money from the union fund.

One of the six officials allegedly is union President Gary Jones also known to the prosecutor as Official A.

Prosecutors say Official A told Robinson to move $850,000 from a union organization and hide the theft by submitting fake expenses using fake receipts that have already been paid out. Then later Robinson and Official split the money.

Other parts of the scheme included using union funds that set up accounts with luxury hotels, golf resorts, private villas, golf clubs, high end liquor and cigars.

Prosecutors claim that Official A asked Robinson to take the fall on the embezzlement charge in exchange for hiring a relative with a bogus job.

Looks like there will be a lot more to come regarding this story...stay tuned.

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