The University of Michigan and Michigan State University have laid out some of their schools plans on how they are going to handle COVID-19.

According to FOX 17, U of M faculty are telling students they have to do a temperature check two times per day, avoid social gatherings, and also avoid work and public transportation for 14 days before heading to Ann Arbor.

MSU is taking more of the virtual classroom approach and encouraging students to stay at home.

FOX 17 reports that MSU President Samuel Stanley Jr said, "the vast majority of first year students this fall will have course schedules that are completely online. Living away from campus may be the best choice for you and your family, particularly if you have family members at higher health risk."

Both campuses will be doing both in person and online classes but are trying to keep as much online as possible.

Hopefully the students can stay disciplined about social gatherings, we all know these are the most common ways of the virus spreading or an outbreak occurring. The last thing faculty and students want is their school to become an outbreak.

U of M students will all be given online information that is required for review regarding COVID-19, staying safe and basically self quarantining two weeks before entering the campus.

All students at either university will be tested and cleared before arrival to their respective campuses.

Hopefully the universities can help set some standards that perhaps public schools can borrow from but only time will tell.

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