Holy spiders Batman, there are three poisonous spiders in the University of Michigan library. Let's shut it down Robin, even though the araneid are in the basement.

Well, not as dramatic as a classic Batman TV show, but still a wind of caution when Mediterranean recluse spiders are found inside a building that several people use daily.

Recluse spiders are found all over Michigan but because of their venomous bite and danger to humans and animals, they must be dealt with when found.

According to MLive, university spokeswoman Kim Broekhuizen said that three Mediterranean recluse spikers were found in the library's basement storage areas where people do not frequent and were not in any public places. The library needed to be closed to remove the spiders.

If someone is bitten by a Mediterranean recluse spider, it can have dangerous effects causing skin lesions. The Mediterranean is often confused with Brown recluse spiders.

First U of M had to consult with experts in the spider field to figure out what kind of spider they had found. Pest control experts have now been called in to treat the building to make sure there are no more of these spiders so the library can be reopened.

Much like their name indicates, recluse spiders spend their time in the dark during the day and like to feed or hunt in the night. They also prefer warm dry places and try and stay away from people. Most people are bitten reaching in somewhere and the spider is cornered or feels trapped then it retaliates as a defense mechanism.

Recluse spiders are not a native species in America but have traveled here from Europe through shipping containers.

Bites are very rare but if bitten, you may not realize it for two to six hours but when you do, people feel like they have a fever, sometimes break out into a rash where bitten, complain of stomach pains and may even vomit and only the most extreme case is when death occurs.

Once the pest control people are done the library will re-open.

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