There's not really many secrets left when it comes to Victoria's Secret, but the most obvious one has to be that their bras are anything but cheap. That's why these two Bay Area women decided to try to make off with some of the coveted boulder-holders without paying for them, $11,000 worth of them to be exact. 

Now for women, you hear they made off with $11,000 worth of bras you'd probably think to yourself, "Oh, big whoop they probably only snagged like three and a half bras." Then you see the picture and it's honestly amazing.

Blanca Quintero, 22, and Antanae Welch, 19, stole multiple bags of the undergarments and even used pepper spray on a store employee while making their escape.

The whole story is pretty wild but the weirdest part of this is the reporter decided to use tween children who haven't even hit puberty yet as interview sources.

Source: FOX40 News

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