College is expensive enough without professors having you pay for a website subscription you don't really need in order to take the class.

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Is That Legal Professor?

I know school teachers in public schools don't make the best wages but I figured a major university like Michigan State paid their professors enough that they wouldn't need a side hustle, especially one that involved students in their class.

Michigan State University professor Amy Wisner who teaches a business communication course allegedly unlawfully required her students to purchase a $99 subscription to her website that supports liberal activism. The website provided services the students could already get for free from the university's software.

Professor Wisner claimed she receives no monetary gain from the website she owns and operates saying the money would go to a charitable donation or school road trip but the students were not buying it...well, anymore.

MSU Professor Let Go For Charging Students to Subscribe to Her Website

Two MSU undergraduates complained about the website subscription and are suing the professor. Around 600 additional students were affected by the subscription which MSU offered a refund but the university didn't stop there.

According to MLive, MSU spokesman Dan Olsen said Wisner is no longer employed by the university. Wisner made a post on Facebook that said, "MSU fired me because they did not want me and my guest lectures to teach diversity, equity, and inclusion to students in the core business communication class."

A couple of more MSU employees are named in the suit. One is the interim dean of the Broad College of Business Judith Whipple, and the other is the interim Provost Thomas Jeitschko. MSU policy is for professors to not profit from the curriculum they assign but the school has not banned the practice in any way either.

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