Last week, video streaming website Twitch held a marathon of The Joy of Painting episodes, and over 5.6 million people tuned in. Now, Bob Ross (and his famous hair, and his happy little trees) are going to be part of a weekly Twitch stream.

According to a press release from Twitch, the Bob Ross marathon was so successful, they've decided to continue to stream episodes. Every Monday from 3-9:30pm, the Bob Ross channel will broadcast a season of The Joy of Painting. This means that re-runs will only occur “once every seven months,” according to Twitch.

In addition, the channel promises to continue to hold marathons of all Bob Ross episodes once a year in celebration of Ross' birthday, just as they did this year. Twitch viewers can subscribe to the channel, and if they decide to spend money, the proceeds will go to a variety of sources, including St. Jude.

You can watch one of Bob Ross' most famous episodes of The Joy of Painting in the video below.

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