Quick: What do you call a sequel to the 1996 blockbuster Twister?

Twisters, duh.

Although the original film is 25 years old, it remains a nostalgic favorite from the period — to the point that Amblin and Universal are now looking to make a sequel even though one of the film’s two original stars, Bill Paxton, has since passed away. In October, we first heard about this project, dubbed Twisters, based on a script by Mark L. Smith, the writer of The Revenant.

According to Deadline, the project continues to move forward as Amblin and Universal are now in “early talks” with director Lee Isaac Chung to direct the movie. Chung is the talented filmmaker. behind the recent arthouse hit Minari, which was nominated for six Academy Awards and won for Best Supporting Actress. It was a touching story about a Korean immigrant family starting a farm in rural America in the 1980s — in other words, quite a bit different from Twister.

Per Deadline, here is the plot synopsis as it is known at the moment:.

At the time sources said that the hope was to bring Twister star Helen Hunt back for a drama that focuses on the daughter she had with the character played by the late Bill Paxton, who has caught the storm-chasing bug her parents had.

The character dynamics make a lot of sense — Hunt was the gung-ho storm chaser in her youth and now she can play the role of the more anxious parent who wants her daughter to be careful. That’s the sort of stuff good legacyquels are made of. Chung is such a surprising and interesting choice for the movie, but hey; Twisters is about complicated family dynamics! And, yes, tornados. But also complicated family dynamics!

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