Michigan sure makes some iconic foods. If you had to pick a "state snack" what would it be?

My mind goes to Better Made Chips, Kellogg's Cereal, or Kar's Nuts.

Better Made/ Kellogg's/ Kar's Nuts, Facebook
Better Made/ Kellogg's/ Kar's Nuts, Facebook

Well, a cracker you might not immediately associate with the Mitten State is vying to be the "unofficial state snack" of Michigan.

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Triscuit Crackers Wants to Become Michigan's State Snack

In launching the campaign, Triscuit Crackers are described as "a delicious unapologetically wholesome snack for an unapologetically wholesome state."

Triscuit/ Facebook
Triscuit/ Facebook

The brand says Triscuits have been in Michiganders' (and Americans') pantries for over a century, sharing the stats:

  • 81% of Michiganders say they crave a snack that's crunchy or salty (just like Triscuit Crackers!).
  • One in three Michiganders believes no cheeseboard is complete without Triscuit Crackers.
Triscuit/ Facebook
Triscuit/ Facebook

What Do Triscuit  Crackers Have to Do with Michigan?

Well, aside from Michiganders apparent love for Triscuits, Triscuit Crackers are made of white winter wheat that's 100% harvested by farmers in Michigan.

Triscuit Launches Petition to Become Unofficial State Snack of Michigan

Triscuit says they've launched a petition to become Michigan's unofficial state snack to show their Mitten-State pride and support local farmers that nourish all of us.

With the petition, the Triscuit Brand hopes to raise awareness of its longstanding partnership with the Co-Op Elevator farming collective of over 1,000 of Michigan's generational family farmers.

Gabi Stone, Senior Associate Brand Manager at Mondelez International says,

This petition is a great chance for us to amplify our Michigan ties and at the same time, to support the farmers we've spent decades building partnerships with. It's just one more way of strengthening those relationships.

To support Michigan wheat farmers, Triscuit is donating $100,000 donation to Michigan State University's agricultural program, which educates America's future farmers.

Michigan State University will use the donation to enhance its students' experience through:

    • Twenty-five (25) scholarships targeted to students from the Thumb Region of Michigan who apply and are majoring in Agribusiness Management and Food Industry Management.
    • A study tour that students can apply for where they will meet with key stakeholders at Mondelez International and Triscuit Brand, following the supply chain from farmer to farm, visiting facilities, from suppliers and producers to distribution and retail partners.

Triscuit Homestyle Cherry Pie Crackers

Triscuit did announce a new Michigan-inspired flavor -  Homestyle Cherry Pie...

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like a real thing. They tagged a photo of the cracker on Facebook #fakeflavor. Too bad, we'd have given it a try!

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