You know the age-old saying... when one BBQ joint closes, another one opens? Well, that does seem to be the case for Grand Rapids.

Kelvin & Co. on Wealthy recently announced it was shutting its doors after less than a year in business, and now we've got a BBQ restaurant coming from Traverse City.

Fox 17 reports that Sparks BBQ plans to open a location in Grand Rapids.

Agreements have been made, date has been set, finances secured, staff secured, it’s a GO...we’re expanding!"

According to Sparks' website, they "proudly serve handcrafted BBQ powered by our 100% wood powered smokers. We have no stove, no oven, no microwave, no flat-tops, its either cooked in our smoker or its served cold."

There's no word yet when or where the Grand Rapids restaurant is opening.

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