If you are looking to fly the friendly skies to Canada, Europe or Mexico the travel ban that was put into place due to COVID-19 has been lifted.

Families who have delayed trips to visit family outside of the country can visit loved ones. It has been more than a year and a half since air travel was this available to Americans as well as those wanting to visit the U.S.

Most air travel has not been allowed since the early days of the pandemic but as of Monday (November 8), airports are starting to look more like they did before the pandemic.

According to WOOD, travelers who want to travel abroad, must have proof of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test. Those who are crossing the border from Canada and Mexico will require proof of vaccination and will not need a test.

Up until now many of those separated from family in other countries were able to do video calls, send text messages, and have phone conversations to stay connected but this doesn't cut it when there is separation anxiety.

I have a couple buddies who bear hunt in Canada and have not been able to make the trip for a couple years will be very excited to be able to make their trip in 2022.

Border towns in Canada and Mexico have been devastated by the lack of visitors seeing how no one but essential travelers were able to cross both borders.

Due to the lack of nonessential air travel, many have missed holidays together, birthdays, births and funerals. This could be the most spectacular Thanksgiving for a lot families.

The U.S. border will accept fully vaccinated travelers no matter their vaccine choice as long as it was one that was approved by the World Health Organization.

With travel coming back in and out of the United States, things are looking up and hopefully it stays that way as we enter flu season and people congregating more indoors as the temperatures drop for the winter months.

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