I have co-workers who say they have been trapped in an elevator but today was my first bout with the steel beast.

Part of working downtown in Grand Rapids is using elevators. Whether they are in a parking garage or one of the buildings, it's almost necessary to use them unless you are hell bent on climbing several flights of stairs.

Now granted, I don't mind going down stairs but I have to be honest, I sure as hell don't like to have to walk up them if I don't have to.

To be honest, stairs are not an option once you get on the elevator anyway. Lol.

The building we work in has had several construction issues during a near two year upgrade. The elevator was out several times but I always found out before getting on the elevator so it allowed me to use the stairs.

I have been one of the lucky ones in the building to not get stuck in the elevator here but today I wasn't so lucky in the parking garage across from the building on Ottawa.

I'm a creature of habit, I usually park on the 4th floor almost in the same spot everyday, then get on one of the two elevators that is near my vehicle then walk across the street to take another elevator to get to my office.

Today I got on the elevator in the parking garage and it went down one floor and stopped. I thought another passenger would be getting on but then nothing happened. I hit the open door button then nothing then I hit my floor button again and it went down one more floor.

I wait a few minutes and nothing happens. I push a few buttons and nothing happens. So then I proceed to hit the emergency call button and it doesn't work. I had a Joe Dirt moment and went "Daaaaannnnnng."

There is also an alarm button on the elevator and I hit that and this piercing alarm goes off and I think someone's got to hear this. Still no response.


So 20 minutes go by and I thought I should let my boss know that I'm across the street in the elevator and if he knows anyone to please call. I don't hear back from him so then I hit up my co-worker Trevor and he comes over to find someone.

It didn't really bother me to be in the elevator because I was by myself. With COVID-19 still ramped, I would have been a bit more concerned about the situation. Plus, if I can sit in a box deer blind all day I can handle an elevator with a window for sure.

Finally Trevor got a maintenance guy to the scene and after 50 minutes of watching it rain downtown Grand Rapids, I safely left the elevator, went to work and wrote this story.

Monday, I may be taking the stairs.


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