There was a time in our lives when if we didn't know how to spell a word, we would turn to a dictionary.

I often thought it was a little strange we "tried" to spell a word we didn't know how to spell to look it up -- but that's another story.

Today if we can't spell something, most of us turn to Google to check on those words.

Like everything you do on the internet, that data is collected. Google Trends recently posted on Twitter the top "how do you spell" searches across the U.S.

(click on the Tweet above to see a bigger version of the map)

In Michigan, we have a hard time with the word "cancelled" (or should it be "canceled"?) People use it both ways. It must be a thing for states that start with the letter "M", because Maine, Massachusetts, and Missouri also have "cancelled" as their most searched "how do you spell" word.

I did find a few things interesting looking at the most Googled words for other states...

  • Really Kansas? You don't know how to spell the four letter word "cook"?
  • Connecticut needs help spelling "grandma"
  • New Mexico can't spell "auntie"
  • Virginians apparently have a tough time spelling the name of their own state
  • Google doesn't know how to count! They list Washington state's most searched word of "quarantine" as only a 5-6 letter word, when it's actually 10 letters
  • Hygiene must be on the minds of the residents of Mississipi and Alabama, their words are "bidet" and "deodorant"

It was no surprise that the word "quarantine" was searched so much during this time. A total of nine states had that as their top searched "how do you spell" word.

Some of what I think are the strangest words for states were "elephant" for Oregon, "because" for California, "sprinkles" for Oklahoma, "parentheses" for Maryland, and "tong" for Vermont.

I don't know what happened in Montana, but their most searched word is "traumatized".



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