Every year the Christmas light displays at homes are getting bigger and bigger. Here is a list of the top 10 rock and metal Christmas light displays.

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The top 10 listed below are in no particular order so you can pick your own number 1 through 10.

Top 10 Rock and Metal Christmas Lights Display

Manny Carabel/Getty Images
Manny Carabel/Getty Images

1. Trans Siberian Orchestra

Obviously, the Trans Siberian Orchestra has cornered the market on the most extensive rock and metal Christmas production hands down. The show's demand is so huge that there are two versions of the band so TSO can be in two places at once. Now that's impressive.

It only makes sense to kick off the list with TSO and a light show timed to "Wizards in Winter."

2. Jonathan Young

You are thinking who the hell is Jonathan Young? Young will not be the most famous artist on the list but he is pretty well-known in the YouTube world. Young is a YouTube-based Pop Punk and Power Metal musician who is known for his weekly covers of music from Disney films, pop music, and even anime.

Young does a metal tribute to the Trans Siberian Orchestra with his metal version of Carol of the Bells seen above.

3. Drowning Pool

What I love about this Christmas light display that is set to Drowning Pool's "Bodies" is that it shows you don't have to have the biggest house or the most expensive light set up to put on a killer show.

4. Queen

Massive Christmas light displays are not just an American thing, it is also becoming a thing all around the world. A guy in Australia used 40,000 lights to put together a really cool home display that is timed to Queen's "We Will Rock You."

5. Slipknot

We go to YouTube again and this time it's a light display that was created by "slayer bob" using Slipknot's "Psychosocial" as his musical choice to set his lights too. Bob is a true metalhead and I have a pretty good feeling another one or two of his displays will show up on this list.

6. Lamb of God

You may recognize this condo from the Drowning Pool video seen above. The "Bodies" light display was the practice run for Lamb of God's "Redneck." Again I like YouTuber Bullet1986s simplicity but yet ultra detail to the frequencies of the different instruments in the song.

7. Metallica

You cannot have a metal music list of any kind without Metallica having a presence. Slayer Bob returns to with not one Metallica song timed to Christmas lights, but six Metallica songs. Bob's choices were "Hit the Light", "Blackened", "Battery", "One", and "Damage Inc", and nothing says Christmas like "Creeping Death."

I am going to throw in an honorable mention regarding a Halloween light display that came out in 2022 using lights and drones using Metallica's "Master of Puppets", "Stranger Things", and "Ghostbusters" as the theme. This is hands down the greatest light display I have ever seen and also have a feeling this will be the future of Christmas light displays.


This Christmas light display is set to AC/DCs "Thunderstruck." This is a more modest light display but c'mon, who doesn't love AC/DC at Christmas? Maybe someone with tackle AC/DCs "Mistress for Christmas" someday.

9. Slayer

Who better to put a Slayer Christmas light show together than "slayer bob?" Bob put this one together in 2013. He went with Slayer tracks "Hell Awaits", "Angel of Death", "War Ensemble", "Raining Blood", and "New Faith." Slayer Bob has found a way for even Satan to love Christmas.

10. Trans Siberian Orchestra

Yeah I know, Trans Siberian Orchestra is on the list twice (technically 3 times if you include Jonathan Youngs Metal version of TSOs Carol of the Bells). YouTuber Tom BetGeorge really did an amazing Christmas light display for the TSO version of Sarajevo. This is spectacular and easily could be a crowd favorite.

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