With all the storm damage that has led to power outages in the last few days, I'm sure there are a lot of people out there in the market for a home generator. Here are 10 of the best.

Most people don't think about a home generator until a storm hits and they are out of power. I'm sure there are a lot of people in West Michigan thinking that as I write this.

So a bucket list purchase of mine is a home generator, I know its a few years a way but that hasn't stopped me from researching them and since you might be out of power and in the market for one, I thought I would share with you what I found.

I'm gonna start off with my first choice (doesn't mean I can afford it, just my first pick), you may have seen the TV commercials for the Generac 22KW. This generator does it all and even kicks on automatically when your power goes out. Meaning you don't have to worry about the food in your freezer going back or your pipes freezing up during an ice storm in the winter. You can even monitor this baby with your smart phone. The Generac is pricey but it is the top of the line for the homeowner.

My pick for the number 2 generator is the Briggs & Stratton 20kW. This one like the Generac 22KW, will run everything in your home. You don't have to designate which room or rooms get the power. Your whole house will be running tip top. This baby can also withstand some pretty serious weather conditions and is a little cheaper than the Generac but still on the pricey side.

Although there are other generators that Generac make that are smaller than the 22KW along with some other companies and I will get to some of those, but for my third pick, I went with the Westinghouse WGen9500DF. This is just the best portable generator on the market. It can run on gas or propane. You can move it closer to the area of the house you really need the power and most importantly it is much cheaper and you get a huge bang for your buck.

I may surprise you with generator number 4, because its so small and inexpensive, but for some households who don't have a deep freezer and just need some power to keep the fridge, AC or heater running, the A-iPower Portable Generator is the most affordable and will get the job done at home. Plus you can take this generator on vacation with you, to the hunting camp or where ever you may need some portable power.

Generator number 5, costs a little more that the A-iPower Portable Generator but very similar except it really has the power to run most of your most important appliances around the house. So number 5 is the DuroMax XP12000. You can even operate this little devil at 120v and 240v simultaneously if needed.

The number 6 generator is a Generac 16kW 6462. This is another high end generator but what is special about this one is that is runs on natural gas or liquid propane for those who live in the city limits. This generator is a good fit for the medium sized home and because it runs on natural gas, you never have to fuel it.

Generator number 7 is the DuroMax XP10000. It will run 10 hours on a tank of gas and will handle most major appliances. Its more affordable than many of the generators listed above, plus it is portable which allows you to take it to grandma's house in case you have power and she doesn't.

Number 8 is a beast of a generator and can run your entire home. Its the Kohler 20RESCL-100LC16. It has 20,000kWs of power. This generator is probably the most quiet of them all but it is far down on the list because they are known to have a few problems from time to time. If you are handy and the noise level is important to you and your neighbors, this may be the beast for you.

9th on my list of generators is the Generac 6438 11kW. This generator has many of the features the bigger models have but with less power and much more suitable for a smaller home. This may be the one if you live in a neighborhood with a lot of smaller homes. It doesn't take up much space and you can monitor the machine on your smart phone.

My final generator finish up number 10 is another portable generator. Its the Generac 5734 GP1500E. This is probably the most powerful portable generator for the consumer that is out there. This portable monster offers up 15,000kWs of power. You don't need a professional to install this one and you can take it with you when you move or travel.

So if you are in the market for a generator to keep the power going to your Michigan home, hopefully my list of choices will help you in your quest for power.

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