If you like to snowmobile or would like to try, here are some of the top snowmobile trails in the state of Michigan.

This past weekend I had some family in town along with my son and his older brother. We finally had enough snow to get the snowmobiles out.

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When the snow came last Wednesday and Thursday, I realized while plowing there should be enough snow to get the sleds out of the barn. So after finishing up the plowing on Thursday night I thought I would fire the snowmobiles up for the season.

Luckily the snowmobiles fired up rather easily which gave me a chance to make a few trails for the kids to follow around the field behind my house.

After watching the family enjoy the outdoors on the snowmobiles it got me thinking, where else could we go if we want to broaden our riding enjoyment.

There are some great snowmobiling trails in Michigan, so I thought I would put together a list so you and I have a few cool places to visit someday on the sleds.

Tommy Carroll/TSM
Tommy Carroll/TSM

1. Marquette

Marquette in the Upper Peninsula is the premier destination for snowmobilers all across Michigan and surrounding states.

If you are looking for trails to explore, Marquette has over 400 miles in the surrounding area. You won't have to worry about if there will be enough snow because the region on average gets around 150 inches of snow. These are not just any trails, they are highly maintained so you have an excellent experience.

2. Gaylord

If you want to stay in the Lower Peninsula, Gaylord gets some of the most snow in the entire state with an average of around 200 inches a year. Gaylord is 'Lake Effect' snow headquarters.

There are around 500 miles of trails to enjoy. If you are an adventurous one, take trail 7 and you can go all the way to the U.P. on this baby.

3. Sault Ste Marie

If you have the need for speed, Sault Ste Marie is the place for you. Rather than a snowmobile trail, there is a circular track you can take to find out just how fast your sled will go.

This is also a place where you can see just how fast the professional snowmobilers can go during the International 500 race that is considered the Nascar of snowmobile races.

There are also plenty of trails to ride in the surrounding area and Sault Ste Marie gets tons of snow.

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Tommy Carroll/TSM

4. Cheboygan

Cheboygan is on the northern side of the lower peninsula. There are more the 80 miles of groomed trails that ride along the banks of Lake Huron. These trails actually connect you will Gaylord as well if you are looking for an overnight excursion.

5. Paradise

You have heard Guns 'N Roses sing about "Paradise City", they may not have been referring to Paradise, Michigan, but if you are a snowmobiler you may find it your paradise.

Paradise is located in the Upper Peninsula and hosts a vast network of snowmobile trails. You can get your sled off the trailer at your hotel and ride to the trails from town. This area also has the Tahquamenon Falls State Park and the trails will take you there for a bonus.

6. Cadillac

Cadillac is a bit closer to the West Michigan area and offers over 200 miles of groomed trails. There are lots of other areas to ride that are not groomed for those who like to make their own paths.

Fred Meijer White Pines Trail State Park offers a 92-mile trail but beware of cross country skiers and other riders while taking this path.

7. Munising

Munising is located in one of the most gorgeous areas of the U.P. The area features over 300 miles of trails that may have you stop a lot to take photos of this natural wonderland.

The Munising trails are highly groomed and make great trails to ride for the entire season.

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Tommy Carroll/TSM

8. Rose City

Rose City offers an excellent set of well-maintained trails with over 100 miles for you and your group to travel.

9. Allegan County

For those in West or Southwest Michigan, Allegan County offers up to 98 miles of groomed trails. You get to ride along the banks of the Kalamazoo River to places like the Old Iron Bridge that was built back in 1886.

10. New Buffalo

Who says there isn't good snowmobiling in the lower part of the state? New Buffalo has some excellent groomed snowmobile trails that are easy to get to. These trails run along the Indiana/Michigan border and run through some gorgeous rural areas with lots of places to gas up and take breaks.

These are just a few of the great locations you can enjoy on your snowmobile in Michigan.

For those who want to stay closer to home, Barry, Berrien, Cass, Huron, Kent, Mecosta, Montcalm, Muskegon, Newaygo, Oceana, Ottawa, Sanilac, and Van Buren counties all offer great snowmobile trail opportunities. Just click here for locations near you.

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