Tool have released an instrumental version of a new song called “Descending,” which is expected to appear on their upcoming fifth album.

The long-awaited follow-up to 2006’s 10,000 Days is thought to be nearing completion. “My work is done,” frontman Maynard James Keenan recently tweeted, though he later deleted the note.

NME reports that the band previously played “Descending” on tour but had never made a studio version available. They began tracking the album earlier this year, soon after Keenan said he started receiving demo tracks marked “final” after “11 years of begging.”

You can hear the new music in the video below.

Keenan recently expressed his support for Jack White’s attempts to stop audiences from using their cellphones at concerts, and said that Tool were thinking about following White's lead by using a new method of preventing people from accessing their phones while they were in an auditorium.

While agreeing that artists’ material was being copied and replicated without any compensation to the creator, Keenan said there was a more important issue. “The more you’re tapped into that thing in front of you, the less you’re actually tapped into the experience around you,” he told Uproxx. “I’m a strong believer, supporter, advocate of the aural tradition and there’s got to be better ways.

“We try to figure out some way, but I think at some point people are just entitled and they just want what they want. They don’t give a fuck about the people around them. And so, yeah, we have to go the way of Jack White.”

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