Skillet performed at the Upheaval Festival on Saturday, July 17, and GRD's Tommy Carroll sits down with singer John Cooper for an interview.

I've probably seen Skillet a dozen times over the years. Even booked them to co-headline a show I did at my last radio station. One thing for sure is, Skillet always brings live and they always sound good.

Skillet has been around since 1996 and singer/bassist John Cooper has been the one consistent member since the beginning.

John married Korey in 1999 and shortly after she joined the band as the guitar player and she has been in the band since then. They have a couple kids together who they have home schooled and taken on the road with them. Definitely a family band for sure.

Drummer Jen Ledger joined Skillet in 2008 and not only is she a great drummer but a fantastic singer like on tracks like Hero.

Guitarist Seth Morrison joined the band sometime in 2011 and this has been the lineup ever since.

Skillet has put out 10 studio albums with another on the way that you will learn about in the interview below. Their album Awake has been their biggest success thus far creating tracks such as Monster, Hero and Awake and Alive. Monster was used for the theme song for the WWE event Hell In a Cell.

Monster was not the only time that Skillet has been involved with the WWE, off their last album Victorious, a track called Legendary became the official theme song for WWE Raw.

When I spoke with John, we talked about what the family did during the pandemic, how he and Korey reacted when going from non-stop touring to being at home with kids, we talk a little WWE, and he gives a little insight on a new album that will be coming out soon.

If you have not seen Skillet, they are a must. It is a relentless non-stop show with lots of energy, positivity and quite the stage setup.

Below the interview are a few pictures I took at Upheaval.

Skillet @ Upheaval


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