This morning on the show, we were joined in studio by comedian and actor Tom Green! Tom has shows tonight, tomorrow and Saturday nights at Dr. Grins Comedy Club in Grand Rapids, Mich.

It was great to talk to tom about his career, from way back in the early public access TV show days, through The Tom Green Show on MTV through his current stand-up tour.  We asked Tom if any of his stunts from the early days had caused any backlash, especially with family members. After all, most parents wouldn't be too happy with their car being turned into The SlutMobile, or erecting statues on the front lawn of them having sex.

Tom had a ton of stories, including the time he was on Oprah, his great art gallery prank and even described the difference between Canadian and U.S. security guards.

You can follow Tom on Twitter @TomGreenLive, check out his website at and even hisWebovision show.

We had a blast with Tom this morning and if you missed it, you can watch the video below!

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