If you had plane tickets and hotels set for Tokyo to see the Olympics, you better cancel fast because fans are now banned from the games.

Early on due to the pandemic there were not going to be any fans at the Tokyo Olympics. As vaccinations began to slow the pandemic and things began to get under control fans were then allowed to be at the games.

Fans attending we given rules like must wear masks, no screaming for your favorite athletes, basically a silent experience.

According to WOOD, Tokyo has declared a state of emergency due to rising COVID-19 cases and now has a ban on fans attending the Olympics.

Like most years, if you want to scream and celebrate the Olympics games it will all be done in your home in front of the television.

The fan ban has to be a huge disappointment to athletes and their families who together have spent most of their lives preparing for the Olympics.

So the Tokyo games will be pretty much athletes, coaches, judges and those involved in assisting each event.

The state of emergency begins on Monday and will last until August 22. The Olympics will go as planned beginning July 23 and run until August 8 but all while under the state of emergency.

Originally the Olympic venues would have able to support 50% of its capacity and crowds were not to be allowed to have more than 10,000 people at any one event. Now fans won't even be allowed to gather outside the venues either.

This state of emergency isn't just for the Olympics, it is for bars, restaurants and any place where people gather to drink alcohol.

Toyko COVID-19 cases have been on the rise each week and cases continue to be on the rise and things are to the point that even the Olympic torch relay has been changed from going through the streets of the capital and now will only occur on the remote islands just off the Toyko coast and organizers still don't know how they are going to bring the torch in for the opening ceremonies.

Organizers of the Olympics have been advised by medical experts to just postpone the games again but the fear of loosing 3 to 4 billion dollars is keeping them from pulling the plug.

Only 15% of the Japanese population have been vaccinated and that is where the real problem of COVID-19 cases is stemming from. The good news is over 80% of the entire Olympic Village will have been vaccinated.

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