Hour 1

Free Beer saw the Roast of Trump over the weekend and we talk about how much more awkward it was to actually see the Situation bomb compared to just hearing it. We talked about a potential meeting with Eli Gold when we go to Nashville and how awkward and awesome that would be. A woman bit her boyfriend's balls off after a fight and, amazingly, doctors repaired them. Another woman fighting her boyfriend ended in a body part getting bitten off; this time the tongue. The flashback was about Zane and his calorie journal and the beat up that ensued.

Hour 2

Tiger Woods has a new girlfriend and while it may be serious, she is clearly quite ugly. An old woman started buying gasoline when she heard the price was going up. She, of course, didn't have it in the proper types of containers. Instead she kept 55 gallons of gas in coffee cans and cups. No surprise, her house blew up. Listeners called in with what they're hoarding and boy do we get some crazies. The hour was rounded off with us replaying the Women's Forum from late Friday.

Hour 3

Zane has had enough of his sons bad grades. He's pissed and has given him the warning "if your grades slip... run!!!" We took calls from parents who had to straighten out their kids and students that had similar issues. More calls came in the second break of the hour about Zane's son and we tell the hot senior chicks to tell him they were planning to put out but his grades are too poor. Even more calls came in but at the end, Hot Wings set up the next segment by talking about hearing a little too much information when taking his son to get his first haircut.

Hour 4

The clip of the news reporter that was close to being run over by a backing up SUV was played and Hot Wings shared his story from his son's first haircut. It was certainly way too much information. We had callers that have had "too much information" encounters or was the actual douche that shared too much call in. It seems almost impossible for stories like that to exist.... In the FBHW Report, Randy Quaid debuts a crazy star whackers song and Jimmy Fallon sings the Charles in Charge Theme song as Bob Dylan.

Hour 5

We found a Green Bay Packers contract from the 1940's. It stated that the player would be given 150.00 per game and would only get a raise if they improved. This, of course, led to talk on the NFL lockout; the players want the new draft picks to boycott the NFL Draft. We hope this is the case for the sake of having something really awkward to look at. Another FBHW Report came up. Dave Grohl tells the producers of Glee to eat a giant turd, Wyclef claims he was shot but the police say he was slightly cut by glass and a list of banned vanity Illinois license plates. The show ended with clips of Rebeca Black from Good Morning America on Friday.

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