Lots of packages will be delivered to porches all across West Michigan, but how do you stop the porch pirates from swiping your deliveries?

Because of COVID-19 more and more people are doing their holiday shopping online, which means more packages will be coming to your home or the home of the person you sent them to.

Some people have no shame and if they see an unattend package on someone's porch or in front of their door, they just can't resist the temptation and swipe it.

Yes some people just randomly swipe packages while others have made it a part time job or should I say a part time Scrooge.

According to FOX 17, more sophisticated porch pirates actually follow delivery trucks to see where they stop, then after the truck leaves, the pirates swipe the package. When this type of theft happens, you have no chance in knowing the package was even delivered unless you get a notification.

One way to help stop this is have the packages you order delivered to your place of work that way it comes straight to you. I do this all the time since I'm at work way more than I am at home.

Most major delivery service have an option where you can select a specified location at your house to have packages delivered. I have mine delivered around the back of my garage that way no one can see them from the road. I also have a trail camera that is hidden and aimed at where my packages go. Some times a hunting trail camera can be cheaper than a more sophisticated security system.

You can also suggest other places around the property, perhaps a box or garbage can that is used specifically for package delivery or hide a key for a driver to open up your garage and drop the package there.

Security systems with cameras, Ring doorbell systems can often spot the porch pirate but doesn't always catch them.

You can also order a lockable insulated box or even build one yourself. There are YouTube videos with great ideas. The key is to not tell anyone at all about your drop box, just your package delivery system.

You can always have your packages delivered at a time you know you are going to be at home.

If you send something straight to someone else, you don't have to ruin the surprise by telling them what is inside but let them in on when the package will be delivered and if they have a special place the would like it delivered or a delivered at a time when that person is going to be home.

I'm sure as more and more business will be direct to your home, more devices will be developed to help conceal where your delivered packages will be.

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