New pandemic restrictions set to go into effect on Friday will allow a few more people in on opening day at Comerica Park in Detroit. Will you be one of the chosen few?

The new health order allows venues of over 10,000 seats to have up to 750 fans, but the Tigers clarified to ticket holders Wednesday that they will be able to push that number to 1000 for opening day, which is scheduled for April 1. that total is less than 3% of capacity.

Hoping for a better outcome, the club has already oversold for the game, and will have to make some decisions on who gets in and who doesn't before April 1.

In a statement released shortly after the state's lifting of some restrictions says the club is doing all it can to accommodate fans, AND abide by coronavirus safeguards:

"We are pleased that restrictions on events are beginning to lift with the reduction in COVID cases. We will continue to work closely with state and local officials, public health and medical experts and the leagues to provide our fans with a safe and enjoyable experience. We look forward to when additional fans will have the opportunity to return to our venues.”

With the lifting of some restrictions, both the Red Wings and Pistons can now allow 750 fans into their games at Little Caesar's Arena. However, both teams are so bad, they may have trouble getting anyone to go.

Locally, the Whitecaps have yet to announce any ticket sales, although the new regulations will allow them to have 375 people in attendance.

Some neighboring states will see fan attendance move up to as high as 30% by the time the baseball season starts in April.

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